JANUARY 1, 2016 by Maria Coiro

Imagine big crowds, banging tunes and night full of memories.

Thats exactly what Neda&Marrs delivered to a NYE crowd of 25,000 party goers.

N&M were programmed as a pre fireworks amp up act, and they got the Maribyrnong audience jumping. Strutting on stage evoking party vibes, the punters turned the park into a festival sized dance party.

What better way to end a set, than to move into a fireworks display to bring in the new year.

Photographed by their dear friend Ferne Millen, the shots below only show a glimpse of the night’s action!!!

Marrs rocked threads by Liz Harrington DWD (Don’t Walk Dance) and Neda from David Anderson.

Neda&Marrs will release 360 video footage from this event, filmed by Merkava Technologies, and other clips from Raphael Recht, so get excited.

Thankyou Susie Wickes and City of Maribyrnong for putting on such a boss event!