‘I MISS YOU’ Single Release

FEBRUARY 1, 2017 by superadmin

Hailing from Melbourne Australia, Neda Rahmani and Marrs Attaxx write and perform Future Synth-pop music, combining voice, live percussion, synths and theremin.

This first single ‘I Miss You’ off their forthcoming album entitled Poetic Cataclysm, is a driving empathetic anthem of yearning and desire. Out Friday 3rd of February.

They have taken an innovative approach to releasing this single, producing a series of future-retro styled animated GIFs. They will be posting these progressively over the first week of the singles release for fans to use in their messages to friends and loved ones.
You can find them here on their GIPHY channel: giphy.com/channel/nedaandmarrs

“So much attitude can be portrayed and expressed in a short looping animation. In this release we’re depicting how loved ones yearn for each other when they’re apart”. Says Marrs Attaxx, the synth wielding producer behind the duo’s beats and melodies. “I’m really excited to use this medium to introduce fans to the animated world that we’ve created around our music”.

In this neon-lit world Neda and Marrs exist presenting stories of its citizens and their experiences. This metropolis and the duos record label are both named Burn City.

“I’ve written straight from direct experiences, with lyrics and characters being connected to real events, themes and people”. Proclaims the duo’s front woman Neda Rahmani, who as Australia’s prominent female performer/percussionist captures a crowds attention with her commanding vocal delivery and striking on stage presence.

Neda&Marrs are performing to a 900 strong sold out show at Melbourne University next month. You can catch them performing live at Loop Bar Melbourne on the 21st of February for the Real World VR event, where they’re launch their Virtual Reality music video for this ‘I Miss You’ single.

I Miss You Single Release Neda&Marrs