Studio Mods – Our signature sound

MARCH 16, 2015 by superadmin




Melbourne Producer, DJ and engineer Marrs Attaxx takes his studio gear very seriously and modifies it where needed by one of the best in the industry.  His TL Audio Fat Track Console was modified by none other than Ross Giles at Giles Audio. The attention to details “Ross puts into his work is shown by his attention to selecting only the best parts for the job matter where they came from and how long he has to wait to get them” Marrs explains.  Ross fully modded Marrs’ console and has built and delivered his illustrious 1722 Stereo buss compressor which Marrs has been having fun with in the studio.

Ross Giles runs a boutique recording equipment and supplies service in the Yarra Junction, Victoria and Giles is no short of genius! He is a circuit designer and builder,  famous for his mic pres and D.I’s that produce a signature sonic that only Ross can achieve.

“Ross is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet and is truly a legend of the industry and we’re happy to praise his work for being at the heart of the Neda&Marrs sound.” Marrs says.


Marrs’ latest acquisition for the Neda&Marrs sound is the beautiful and much respected Moog Sub 37 Paraphonic analogue synthesizer, yes it is as impressive as it sounds.  Here is a shot of Marrs picking it up from the great guys at StoreDJ in Richmond, Melbourne where Marrs buys most of his gear.  Stay tuned for some action shots of it in the studio.